Elac Debut Bookshelf Sound System


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Sound System Includes:

-Elac Uni-fi Ub5 bookshelf speakers

-Yamaha S202 amplifier w/ Bluetooth

-Amazon Echo Dot

Our Elac Bookshelf sound system makes for a great apartment sound system for any party you host. We engineered this sound system to provide a clear and open sound, adding depth to your music, and we also made sure the music will stay in your space, keeping the peace with your neighbors.

Elac Uni-fi UB5 is top-rated and highly reviewed by the audiophile community, bringing you an excellent sound better than any other speaker at this price point.

Our mid sound system package comes with a Yamaha SR202 Amplifier that gives you a full sound and not a thin pitchy sound to your speakers. Also, it comes with Bluetooth pairing capabilities for easy connectivity from your phone to the amp or use Alexa as a way to play your music. You can add a turntable to play your favorite vinyl records later on.


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