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We change how you enjoy your favorite music and movies through audio and video solutions designed for the downtown lifestyle.

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Downtown Audio transforms your living room from dull to exciting. We give you the ideas and tools to create a space for entertaining friends and family, relaxing on the couch, and enjoying movies and music. Stop turning up the volume to hear the words on your TV and give your ears the clarity it deserves.

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TV Room Perfect

Place your TV perfectly on the wall. We created a system to assist in finding the perfect height before hanging your TV.

Audio System Design

TVs are built with small speakers making it hard to hear the dialogue. Find an audio system that gives your TV crisp audio clarity.

Streaming Set Up

Audio equipment has changed. Now sleeker, easier to use, and more affordable, you can stream music and play your speakers with simplicity in mind.

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Design your space with our help. We are dealers of cutting-edge audio equipment and carry top TV brands.

Creating Comfort

The challenges of living in an apartment are unmistakable. Noisy neighbors, small spaces, and poor management are commonalities of the apartment lifestyle. We want to give you the ability to come home and decompress after a stressful day without dealing with these commonalities. You want to be able to stream music with ease or play video games to submerge you into a different world, and we think having the correct audio setup allows that to happen. With our knowledge and experience, we can create a restful environment through audio and video.

The idea that Hifi audio is only meant for audiophiles who sit in a dark room and play music is long dead. Nowadays, HiFi audio is for those who still want the precise sound that speakers provide, but in different applications.

Why Downtown Audio?

We understand the inconvenience that comes with having an audio system; too many wires from the components, the clutter of the equipment, and the amount of space it takes up in a room. Why we are referred by many of our clients because we are design focused; what that means is we also hate seeing wires, clutter and feeling cramped. We work with you to bring you a system that not only sounds incredible, but that also functions in your space.

Enhance the meaning of the luxury apartment experience.

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