Revel Concerta2 F36

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The Power of Revel F36

Revel has managed to remain one of the best-kept secrets in high-performance audio, even though they’ve been building award-winning speakers for over 20 years. The Concerta2 F36 looks and sounds a lot more expensive than it is. In fact, its detailed, dynamic sound bears a strong family resemblance to Revel’s pricier Performa3 models.

We love Revel Speakers and have them ready in stock because of the joy we know it brings our clients to have a sophisticated and reliable speaker. Even the entry-level Revel outperforms most high-end brands on the market. This has been tested. 

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  • 2.5-way, 4-driver design
  • 1″ aluminum dome tweeter with proprietary
  • acoustic lens and waveguide for consistent dispersion over a wide listening area
    6-1/2″ anodized aluminum cone midrange/woofer with cast frame for reduced resonance
    dual 6-1/2″ anodized aluminum cone woofers with cast frames for reduced resonance
    advanced high-order crossovers optimize timbre accuracy both on axis and throughout the room
    cabinet has 1″-thick MDF walls, plus extensive internal bracing
    bass-reflex (ported) cabinet design with rear-firing port
    low-frequency extension: 51Hz (-3dB), 45Hz (-6dB), 33Hz (-10dB)
    sensitivity: 91 dB
    impedance: 6 ohms
    recommended amplifier power: 30-200 watts
    gold-plated binding post speaker terminals
    removable grille is magnetically attached
    9-11/16″W x 44-5/16″H x 14-3/16″D
    weight: 50 lbs.

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